Four New Singles to Check Out :

                                                                    THE FOOL   Run To Me

 1500The Fox and The Rabbit   TAKE A DRIVE

Gareth Jay Self-Titled EP Out Now!

Balcony TV

 Jay is a Sydney based emerging acoustic Blues and Indie musician. Originally from Bathurst, NSW, Gareth attributes his love for music to his family and growing up singing together.

Since moving to Sydney in 2009 he has been developing his original music through recording and performance. Finding himself most at home in Blues music, he takes influence and technique from Jazz, Classical, Pop, R&B and Indie music. In 2011 he moved into Looping which has allowed Gareth to progressively layer guitar melodies, and vocal harmonies to create complex and inspired compositions in his live performances.

Currently he can be found most nights of the week performing in restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Deriving his influences from some of the greats including Albert King, Elliott Smith, Donovan, Carol King, The Beatles, and Dr John. His original music falls in a spectrum of styles each with a true honesty ringing through the songs.

In November 2014 Gareth Jay was invited to perform for Balcony TV which he sang a heart-felt track “It’s not me, it’s you.”

2015 has seen Gareth Jay take his music to another level, in February he independently released his self titled EP. The EP provides a delicate taste of Blues for those who crave it, and an introduction to Gareth himself.

“Aussie blues is as strong as ever, thanks to emerging talents like Gareth Jay” Tone Deaf.





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